Katsu Hides In The Hole For Latest Exhibit, “Remember The Future”

New York City art gallery The Hole just opened their first solo exhibition with graffiti artist Katsu. Called Remember The Future, Katsu explores how technology affects creativity. He makes a comment on being a slave to modern advancement when he hides himself somewhere in the gallery, lost playing the addictive video game Grand Theft Auto.

There are more of his drone-painted canvases, including his own take on Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, who also eliminated the human hand from his production as much as possible. .

"Android Selfies" round out the exhibit, with a robot posing in front of iconic backgrounds like Mount Rushmore and the Egyptian pyramids. Artificial intelligence with freedom defines Katsu's grim dystopian future.

The exhibit is now on view at The Hole gallery in New York until February 22nd 2015.

Image: The Hole

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