Is This A Kendrick Lamar Album Release Date?

According to a leaked image that surfaced yesterday via Section Eighty, we may have a Kendrick Lamar album release date.

The photo shows a list of Wal-Mart’s upcoming album releases, including Lamar’s, showing that it could be as soon as January 27.

This isn’t an official album announcement by any means. But still, Lamar has been on a string of media appearances lately (he recently graced the cover of XXL and performed on the Colbert Report). Plus, he’s scheduled to headline Pot of Gold Festival and Shaun White’s Air + Style later this year, so it would make sense if a new album were to be unveiled sometime soon.

With recent heavyweights like D’Angelo and Beyonce paving the way for surprise project releases, who knows? Kendrick Lamar might just be dropping an album next week.

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