Kendrick Lamar Showcases Reebok’s Ventilator “Day Glo” Pack

Kendrick Lamar is without a doubt one of the top three rappers out right now (the other two are Drake and Kanye West), and how you rank the three depends largely on where you’re from, your age, and whether or not you recently got out of a long term relationship.

With brands eager to get some of Kendrick's fire by association, Kendrick’s recently partnered with Reebok, and done some highly publicized work for the vintage sneaker brand. Recently, Kendrick and Reebok hosted a 5K run through Los Angeles where the Compton rapper actually performed some of his biggest hits on a moving flatbed truck. Now, Kendrick is continuing his duties as Reebok’s brand ambassador by showcasing their new Ventilator “Day Glo” Pack. Based off of the Ventilator model that was released back in 1990, the Day Glo Pack comes in bright, neon colors: tennis ball yellow, electric blue, and neon pink. The bright colors are also a great way to celebrate the Ventilator's 25th anniversary.

The Reebok Ventilator Day Glo Pack is available now at select Reebok retailers for $75. Maybe Kendrick will send Drake and Kanye a pair—along with the best rap album of the decade.

Images: Sneaker News

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