Kevin Lyons’ New GLX x GIRL Collaboration Drops

Kevin Lyons’ new GLX x GIRL collaboration just went live on The Berrics, and will drop at Zumies later in the week.

The new collection from the designer and illustrator includes a deck, t-shirt, hat and wallet.

“It was really important for me when I first started the job to look at it as Green Label versus just Mountain Dew,” Lyons says in the new Berrics video. “Throughout the collection and through the graphics I really wanted to click those boxes as well.”

Because the skateboard, t-shirt and hat were designed for Sean Malto, he felt action sports and skateboarding were already covered—so he turned his focus towards music and art to make the line really embody Green Label.

The new GLX x GIRL collaboration with Kevin Lyons will also be sold in the Green Label Exclusive online store, coming soon.


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