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15 Key Moments In LA Hip-Hop History

As a metropolis, Los Angeles’ various hip-hop scenes have undergone a number of changes over time. Though no one can deny the hardcore impact made by Death Row Records, Kendrick Lamar’s story has been one of escape from street trappings. Taking a look back at rap’s effect on LA culture, the groundwork laid by radio pioneers and early stars such as N.W.A. influenced many who have sought to make a difference since. On the flipside, abstract and less commercial movements have included record labels like Stones Throw and Delicious Vinyl, where acts such as Madlib and The Pharcyde had freedom to let their creativity run wild. Where there was an earlier trend of emcees acting out comedic and dramatic roles through film, a recent parallel can be drawn to youth who have found dancing as a means of creative expression. Tracing the timeline from Dr. Dre to DJ Mustard, here is a list of key moments in LA hip-hop history.

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