Kick Advisor: the Instagram For Sneakers

Similar to Instagram, the new website Kick Advisor lets users scroll through a feed of community-generated photos of sneakers and even provides links to purchase them, but what makes it different is how it highlights the competitive nature of kicks-collecting: the site displays a leaderboard (“sneakerboard”) of users whose kicks has the most likes, garnered from other users clicking a miniature “fire” icon in the corner of each picture, where you’d usually find the Instagram heart.

Ultan Miller, one of the founders of Kick Advisor, realized that most of the websites that sell sneakers are impersonal, so he decided to create something more user-friendly. “For us, the best part about sneaker culture is the community, but all the websites we use to shop for sneakers are so impersonal and transactional,” he wrote on Product Hunt. “So we set out create something different, something a lot more social, so please feel free not only to use the website to shop, but also to share the sneakers that you own with the community, too!”

Although the site was launched only a few days ago, 400 sneakerheads have already uploaded more than 1,000 pictures. If Kick Advisor decides to make an app to accompany the website, sneakerheads may just abandon traditional sneaker sites altogether.

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