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Murs – “Transitions of a Rider”

Murs and Fashawn, who have worked together on numerous occasions, share more than just a passion for hip-hop. Like Fashawn, Murs is also an avid fan of skate culture. He talked about how he got started with skating in a 2012 interview with ESPN. “I started skating in 1986. Skateboarding took the hood by storm. I was living in Lynwood, California. I had a Nash that my mom bought from Big 5. My brother had a Variflex.” A few years prior, the L.A.-born rapper took a classic hit from Tupac, “Ambitionz As a Ridah,” and put a skate spin on it. Titled “Transitions of a Rider,” the song is a nod to everyone who, as Murs put it, “rode two trucks and four wheels. Those who ride everyday to develop more skills.”

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