Check All The Pics From MTN DEW Presents: Kixpo 2015

When it comes to apparel and footwear, summer is usually tradeshow and expo season. The Tinker Hatfield admirers in Texas got a chance to show and share their love of athletic kicks with their own version. Kixpo 2015 took place over the July 18 weekend and held down the Dallas contingent.

Kixpo is in its ninth year as one of the country's largest gatherings of sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts. This past weekend there were more than 200 vendors in attendance, guest DJs, rare collections, seminars, and more.

While the name may bring to mind rows and rows of sneakers in a convention center, Kixpo also celebrates streetwear, specifically the creative output of local and lesser known brands. Sneakers and gear often go hand in hand, and for one weekend in July folks in Dallas were able to get their fix.

Dallas's own "IZK" created some custom Green Label artwork inspired by Kixpo that you can check out in the gallery above. Kixpo 2015 culminated with an energetic performance from rapper Topic, another Dallas local.

Check out the images above to get a glimpse of what went down at Kixpo 2015, and maybe you'll make your way down to Dallas for their tenth convention next year.

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