Pick Up an Original Larry Clark Photo for $100

The man behind Kids, Larry Clark, has had a longtime career as a director, photographer, writer, and filmmaker. If you're a fan of his work don't miss his upcoming $100-photograph sale hosted by Ooga Booga in Los Angeles starting Thursday, January 29.

The photos available for purchase date from 1992 – 2010, and were taken by Clark on or around the locations of films including Kids(1995), Bully (2001), Ken Park (2002), Wassup Rockers (2005), and more. According to Clark's website, "The pictures document the people, kids and friends he was interacting with during this period, many playing leading roles in his films."

The collection of photographs also includes outtakes from a calendar shoot for Supreme, many unique portraits, self portraits and various snapshots. This comes after a similar exhibition in Paris last summer where Clark's behind-the-scene photos were available at the same price.

At the time Clark explained the reason behind the sale was to give fans who couldn't afford a $10- to $15,000 print the chance to own a piece of his work.

"This is a pay back to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir so I can die happy," he told Dazed

Amongst fans of Clark's photography are Gus Van Sant and Martin Scorsese, both of whom have said they've influenced by his early work. He’s also debuting a new film, The Smell of Us, what’s been pitched as the French version of Kids, in the USA next month.

Scoop up a slice of photographic history at Ooga Booga in Los Angeles, 943 N Broadway, Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90012.


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