Learn to pronounce Hjalte Halberg’s name because you’ll want to tell all your friends about his new skateboard video

Polar SkateboardsHjalte Halberg just released his part from the VoresKBH video. It features the type of skateboarding that just makes you want to pick up your board go skate. Like right now. You are going to want to tell your friends about Halberg’s video as you can tell from this Slap message board thread. But when discussing the fast (like Busenitz fast) skateboarding, don’t sound like a clown because you don’t know how to pronounce the skateboarder in question’s name. In Hjalte, the “H” is silent and the “J” sounds like a “Y.” It’s pronounced like the southern European country Malta, but with a Y at the beginning. Got it? Now go watch the video and start telling everyone that your new favorite skater is that guy from Sweden, whose name you can’t pronounce.

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