This Video Shows You How to Make Edible LEGO Gummy Candy

There are few things that bring more joy than playing with LEGOs, except for maybe playing with LEGOs and then eating them?

Does it sound too good to be true? YouTube user Grant Thompson,  the self-proclaimed “King of Random,” begs to differ. In a detailed how-to video, Thompson creates a mountain of his own LEGO gummy candy, explaining that making these edible toys is as simple as whipping up a gummy mixture on your stovetop from a powder gelatin packet, pouring it into LEGO-shaped ice cube molds, and waiting for the mix to cool. He even offers an alternative recipe, adding Vitamin C for a more enriched, healthier version. When finished, Thompson is left with a colorful medley of LEGO blocks and characters that are impressively similar mimics to their plastic originals.

Since the molds recreate the LEGO blocks almost identically, you can stack and connect the gummies just like the real deal. And instead of having to clean up the blocks when you’re done playing, you can simply indulge in the candy goodness. What could be better?

Due to their jiggly nature, we don’t think you’d be able to build very elaborate constructions with these gummy bricks. Still, reimagining our favorite childhood toys in candy form is enough to surface some nostalgia— and to kick off a sugar buzz.

Plus, the idea got us thinking: what other creations could we cook up using gelatin as our medium? Tweet us @GreenLabel and let us know what other crazy gummy crafts you’d concoct.

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