Levi Maestro Visits Estevan Oriol’s Studio

I met Estevan Oriol in 2008 when he took a photo of me for a local LA magazine called 944. I remember going out to shoot with him and thinking, this guy must hate that he's taking my picture. Turns out we made good friends, he took an a genuine interest in me the same way he does with everyone he shoots and a few years later we've gotten the chance to work together several times. I stopped by his studio the other day to catch up and we took a look through some old boxes of prints.

I love Estevan's work almost solely for the fact of how genuine his portraits are. There is an amazing talent to capturing magic moments, regardless of what kind of lens you're behind. This guy has traveled the world so many times and been around so many walks of life that I can't imagine anything surprising him. Although sometimes intimidating at first glance, Estevan is the type that can have a long conversation with just about anyone and create some beautiful moments out of it as well. An extremely rad Los Angeles representative.

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