Lexus Has Developed a New and Real Hoverboard

Hoverboards are all the rage in 2015, with it being the same year that Marty Mcfly stepped into his Nike Air Mags and escaped Biff and his goons in Back to the Future 2, on the original.

We’ve seen a world record-earning hoverboard that was more like the Green Goblin’s glider and we even got a chance to check out the closest thing to it being a reality with the Hendo created by the folks at Arx Pax. Now luxury car company Lexus has joined the fold and has even released a video showcasing the “SLIDE.”

Their version has been in development for about 18 months now and has been presented as the world’s first true hoverboard. It’s part of their “Amazing in Motion” project–a video series that explores  the combination of technology, design, and creativity–and is the most attention grabbing of all of the projects.

There are many that think the creation of an actual hoverboard is near-impossible, but it looks like Lexus has come the closest. They’ve pegged their “SLIDE” as an example of amazing things that can be achieved through the fusion of creativity and modern technology.

The hoverboard implements magnetic levitation in order to provide the rider with amazing and frictionless movement. The board also utilizes liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets in the design to make the board do the seemingly unfathomable.

The video doesn’t really show you the “SLIDE” in action, and honestly we’re a bit skeptical. Rumor has it that there’s a metal foundation under the skatepark, so you probably won’t be able to hit the streets on this anytime soon. However, Lexus promises to roll out more footage in the coming weeks and you can follow along by using the #LEXUSHOVER hashtag.

Maybe we’ll be able to do our best Marty Mcfly impressions by the time October 21, 2015, rolls around. If not we’ll all probably just have to settle for one of these.

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