This Credit Card Sized “Light Phone” Only Does One Thing

This Kickstarter-featured “Light Phone” makes calls and receives calls, but has no texting, apps, or Internet.

Designed by Kaiwei Tang (designer behind the prehistoric Motorola Razr) and artist Joe Hollier, is described as “thoughtfully simple,” built with the single purpose of only making and receiving calls.

Compact in shape and size, it’s not meant to remove the need for a smartphone altogether; instead it works as an extension of it, giving you peace of mind if you choose to spend the day without distractions.

Unknowingly, we occupy most of our time peering into the windows of the cyberworld. Our social sphere runs on a battery. While innovation implies pushing forward, the desire to revert to far simpler times hasn’t eased. But many of us aren’t audacious enough to leave our smartphones at home for the day.

The Light Phone is ideal for those who can’t suppress the urge of being sucked into their smartphones, or even parents who want to keep their kids strapped with a phone but safe from the risk of technological overexposure. You can back the project on Kickstarter, if you’re the type who thinks this “phone away from phone” is a good idea.

Image: Kickstarter

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