Lina Viktor Turns To Gold In Miami

Is it a compliment to be called the M.I.A of the art world? Depends on whom you ask. Lina Viktor is in her "Blue Period" right now, so one can only assume she doesn’t have time for pithy comparisons to controversial rappers.

The self-proclaimed "astrophysics nerd" is currently showing ARCADIA: Into The Blue at Scope in Miami Beach. The new collection features Viktor’s signature gilded paintings paved with a commanding blue. The London native says the vibrant hue represents pure energy, and when used in tandem with pure gold, symbolizes her need to seek out “that which is rare, precious, scarce, and pure on a universal level”

“These works represent my need to find meaning in everything through the application of principles that are akin to the language of gods: math, science, and nature made visual,” Viktor says.

Arcadia, as legend has it, was an idyllic paradise that existed in the golden age during a time of harmony, balance, and universal truth. Viktor’s new collection seeks to unlock the gateway back.

Lina Viktor is showing ARCADIA: Into The Blue at the Scope Art Show in Miami Beach from December 2-7

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