Linkmoji: Turn Your URL Into Emojis

If you had any doubts that emojis are indeed taking over the world, you might want to acquaint yourself with linkmoji.

It’s a link shortener that essentially works like a tinyurl or a, but converts any url into a unique combination of emojis, giving you a link that’s almost entirely composed of smiley faces, flames, and fruit.

To try it out, we entered, which fed us 🍕💩.ws/🍊🎱😍🍇😀🍕 . It looks like all linkmoji links will start with pizza and poop, followed by a random sequence of other emojis.

Pasted into outside text spaces, it doesn’t convert to a hyperlink, but the extra effort of copying and pasting might be worth it to have a poop emoji in your address bar.

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