Live From the Streets: Courtside Collection Episode 5: Houston, feat. Yves and Doughbeezy

To celebrate Mtn Dew’s NBA 3X Tournament, which is taking place in six cities across the USA, Green Label has brought Courtside Collection to four so far, with DJ Mr. Green sampling the sights and sounds of each, resulting in a suite of original tracks, often featuring that city’s best up-and-coming talent.

In all his travels, one of the things Mr. Green has never had the chance to do is record a choir. In this special episode of Live From the Streets, Green and his crew find a gospel church outside Houston where they get to experience some unique sounds of the American South. This episode also features a jam session withHouston indie-rock band the Tontons, a backstage pass with one of Green Label’s favorite concert photographers of all time, Greg Noire, and original verses from Easy Yves Saint (of local group the Niceguys) and Doughbeezy.

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