Live From The Streets Presents Courtside Collection Dallas, feat. The Outfit, TX

Ever in search of the sounds of America, this time the Live From the Streets crew joined us in Dallas to poke around one of America’s uniquest southern cities.

In typical Live From the Streets fashion, Green and crew got hooked up with some true underground info: first of all, they met with a group of local street racers, who have fought hard for a legal space to practice a decades-old tradition. Next they visited our #CourtsideCollection court takeover by Kyle Steed, who explained his tribute to the Dallas community. After a snack of BBQ, they linked with local heroes The Outfit, TX, in their home suburb of Pleasant Grove, who then took them to an underground party that shows that Dallas’s hip-hop scene is absolutely thriving. Finally, they congregated to make a beat in the car park, contributing to a new Dallas-specific creation by Green that will melt the aux cord.

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