TOTW London Is Part of the New, Bustling English Streetwear Scene

Could we be on the verge of a new “British Invasion?” Grime is popular this year with artists on this side of the pond, with Drake, Ratking, Kanye and more taking a liking to the lyrical styling of folks like Danny Seth and Skepta. PC Music has even emerged and has seen a steady rise in popularity; some might consider it to be the Internet generation’s “New Wave.” Palace has emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of skate/streetwear, with the potential to be this generation’s answer to the hype-driven culture that surrounds SUPREME. Kanye West’s right-hand man and creative director Virgil Abloh has even stated recently that right now London reminds him of the old New York, and that the capital of England will be the city to write the next chapter in the book of streetwear.

With this in mind we reached out to burgeoning brand Top of the World London(TOTWLondon) to find out where they fit in the mix, the inspirations behind their collections, what they thought about Virgil’s declaration, and why simplicity is a key element in what they do.

What is Top of the World London and how long have you guys been in the game?
Top of the World London is a fashion brand that continually aims for high-quality design and product, based on monochromatic themes. Our motto is "Wear It Simply. Say It Bold." We started the brand in late 2013 and what a journey it has been ever since!

I believe you guys detailed the significance of simplicity in your design in a manifesto of sorts, included in one of your lookbooks. Why is simplicity important to your brand?
When you look at any creative process, no matter how complicated it is, you can always break it down to a root cause or theme. We love the idea that something as complicated as style and individuality can be unified by simplicity. Our customers and followers build on that and make that style their own.

What inspires some of the messages found in your designs?
Our team, just like anyone else, is always inspired and influenced by the things we like. Hip-hop is usually a factor because it's always pumping through the studio and other times it could be recent travels. We're currently really on an American/athletic vibe, having visited New York. The streetwear scene there is unrivalled and we thought we should try and feed some of that back into the London scene.

Is exploration a huge influence on your brand? In previous collections, I noticed some nautical graphics. Does London's history come into play?
Exploration and adventure are themes we're putting more emphasis on in our next collection, although it's always been an undertone through our previous themes. We're choosing to focus on it more prominently in the upcoming deliveries, again linking back to our travelling influence because we know that the idea of simplicity can be applied to so many themes. We want to experiment with different garments and our next drop will do exactly that.

Virgil Abloh recently said that London is next up and that it "feels like New York used to feel." Where do you guys fit into the London streetwear scene? What does the future hold for TOTW London?
The London streetwear scene is saturated. There are brands popping up every spring and summer and there are some that do it really well. But we wanted to take that one step further. We truly believe that becoming successful in this market, you need not only great garments and designs, but a great brand behind it all. Building that brand in the correct manner is something that we focus on very deeply.

We pride ourselves in clean design paired with exceptional customer experience. From the moment you order online or at one of our partner retailers, that excitement sparks. We know the feeling. That's why we ensure that every order receives the attention it deserves. Each item is wrapped in hand-stamped tissue paper with collectible Thank You cards. The moment you receive the garment and put on what you've ordered, you're met with the softest, high-quality product. That's the Top of the World moment we try and deliver with every item.

The future of TOTW is very bright. We've got a number of exciting collections in the pipeline that will feature collaborations with other brands and designers based here in the UK. We can't wait to share it with you!

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