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The Los Angeles Sneaker Store Guide

Ask around on the internet about sneaker shops that you need to visit, and chances are you’ll be waiting for a while before somebody mentions a store even remotely close to the Los Angeles area. For years, the City of Angels has had to deal with interlopers claiming that the city does not have the rich sneaker culture that New York or D.C. might have. But the truth is that while sneaker culture as we know it might not have kicked off in Los Angeles, it is certainly no slouch and that is evidenced by the myriad of sneaker shops both old and new that populate the city. If you happen to be in town for a few days and want to check out shops and experiences that you just won’t find anywhere else, then this guide to the best sneaker spots in Los Angeles is just for you.  Because there is so much to see and do around in the city, we’re not even including the Niketowns and House of Hoops spots because we want to give you that Los Angeles flavor.

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