Thanks to MIJLO, You’ll Never Have Deal with a Lost Wallet Ever Again

Gather 'round, fellow forgetfuls. You won’t want to miss this.

Dutch design team MIJLO has put forth a line of smart wallets equipped with integrated tracking sensors, guaranteeing that you’ll never lose your cash, cards, and ID again. [Insert prayer emoji.]

You download the free Where’s Wallet mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. If you've misplaced your wallet, you can utilize the app’s distance meter, which uses Bluetooth technology, to track your proximity to your wallet. The integrated audio sensor will activate and guide you back to your belongings.

The app also allows you to set up a notification range, and both the app and lost wallet will beep to alert you when you’ve stepped beyond your predetermined distance, which can extend up to 150 feet. If you happen to disable the out-of-range alert, the app will peg the wallet’s last known location to help you retrace your steps.

MIJLO is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and with over 500 backers, they’ve just passed their $30,000 goal. Contributors have a choice of three classic designs: the slip, the bi-fold, and the clutch. The wallets require $49, $69, and $99 donations, respectively. MIJLO plans to ship out the wallets in August.

The first two designs are constructed with 100% full grain, vegetable-tanned leather, and the clutch is crafted from pebble leather.

Though right now there’s only one color option for each design, MIJLO has promised that a wider range of hue selections will become available in the future.

There are also some exciting upcoming features for Where’s Wallet, like speedy radar tracking and custom notification ranges for home or work. MIJLO also plans to make Where’s Wallet compatible with the Apple Watch.

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