Ludo Opens “The Chaos Theory” Exhibit In London

You may already know that we're huge fans of street artist Ludo, so we had to share the good news that he'll be opening next Thursday (October 9) at Lazarides Rathbone in London with his solo exhibition, "The Chaos Theory." Inspired by the theory of "The Butterfly Effect," Ludo decided to focus on a more personal interpretation of his cultural inspirations.

Here's a little more info on Ludo's new exhibition via Lazarides Gallery:

"The Chaos Theory presents a culmination of Ludo’s practice to date, conveying an assortment of contemporary issues with an army of mechanical hybrids. Through his battalion of butterflies, Ludo references the accelerated pace of life in which people continually strive to keep up with the ongoing race against the clock. The stereotypical ephemeral butterfly image is reincarnated by Ludo’s solid and anatomical depictions, constructing creatures that possess strength and durability and emit images of war and combat weaponry."

If you're in the London area, hit up the Lazarides Rathbone First Floor from October 10 to November 13. See full times and hours for "The Chaos Theory" by clicking here.

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