Cover Stories: Mac Miller’s Brother Designed All of the Artwork on “GO:OD AM”

Mac Miller’s forthcoming album (and major label debut), GO:OD AM, is quickly approaching—he’s even rolled out his own alarm clock app to support the release. In charge of the project’s art direction is Mac’s brother, Miller McCormick, a designer, illustrator, and photographer, who told us about the album’s unifying themes, creating a product under Warner’s watchful eyes, and what it’s like working side-by-side with Mac.

The Concept

For GO:OD AM, there were things that immediately came to mind—both the good and the bad that come with waking up in the morning. There were endless ideas we talked about when he approached me with the album concept.

The biggest jump-off point was when he came home from the studio and told me he had the title. I was looking at my cable box, and I thought it was interesting that “GOOD AM” lays out symmetrically, like a digital clock.

In the past, with Watching Movies and Blue Slide Park, we hadn’t focused on a type treatment. This was the first time that we used type to tie the album together visually. Delve Withrington of Delve Fonts worked on type design and lettering. Brick Stowell shot the cover image.

mac miller

Under Pressure

This is so different because in the past, it was three people in a room, and we were like, “Alright, this is cool. Everyone think it’s cool? Done. Send it to the printers.” But now, it feels like a larger operation. But even so, we still have a tight-knit team.

One bonus was getting some outside perspective from the people in the art department at Warner. These guys have worked on everything, and they’ve seen tons and tons of work come through. So it was really helpful to get their eyes on the project.

Two Artists Under One Roof

We have similar work habits, and we didn’t really realize that until we started living together over the past year. Right around Faces, we started living together, and I noticed we worked at very odd hours, and our projects start with using our hands before we translate it digitally. We both combine those two worlds in a very similar way, even though I’m visual and he’s musical.

We work off of conversations. It all starts with one conversation, we’ll go our separate ways, then have another conversation, whether it’s over the phone or sitting at the dinner table. It’s great because having that line of communication between us strong makes the work more organic. Like Ranch dressing.

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