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King Stork, “Summer Rental”

These are really good friends of mine from college. With “Summer Rental,” it was great because we didn’t really have a concept beyond these weird bird masks. We went out to Montauk in the middle of winter, and it was one of those things where, because we all trusted each other’s instincts and sensibilities, we just started shooting. It just happened organically. Sometimes you can send emails back and forth and hope that you’re coming up with a solid treatment, but you just don’t. And at that point you just have to get on set and figure it out.

I don’t get to do very many rock videos, but I wish I did. The format and the expectations are totally different. It was fun to step outside of shooting rappers for a second. Plus, it was fun to do something quirky and weird. We didn’t focus so much on the concept, but we knew we wanted to do something weird with these masks. In the end it all came together. It’s a music video; it doesn’t have to have a cohesive dialogue, unless you’re trying to tell a story, but this was just a group of friends running around and havin

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