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Mac Miller, “Avian”

Initially we had a plan to shoot a video for every song on the album. Originally, we had really complex treatments and it was gonna be really cool. But schedules get complicated and budgets get difficult to work with, so we shot the videos that we did, and then Mac went on to do his tour. I had this idea for video where a spiritual guru leads a group of people in the worship of birds. I pitched it to Mac and he thought it was awesome. He asked me about the details, and I was like, “I know you’re busy. I think it would be cool if you weren’t even in the video.”

Without Mac’s involvement at all, we went to Houston and found this amazing guy, who was literally the character’s incarnate. We got him on set, and he was amazing as the character, but you know, he’s not a professional rapper. I have some amazing behind-the-scenes footage of this older man practicing reciting the lyrics, line by line, and hearing a 65-year-old man saying Mac Miller lyrics in a southern accent was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know too many rappers that would be willing to let a director go and shoot a random 65-year-old guy in Texas rapping to his lyrics and never have their face in the video at all. That’s because Mac is open and wants to try new things.

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