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Mac Miller, “Missed Calls”

We had done a bunch of videos off of Blue Slide Park, and I knew the moment I heard “Missed Calls” that it needed a video. I actually knew as soon as I heard it what the story should be. There was this car commercial where you just see this guy, who’s in a rush to get to a wedding, and it cuts to the bride getting ready. And at the end he walks into the church as if to interrupt the wedding, and you’re like, “Oh, there’s a story there.” I remember that commercial being really captivating, and when I heard “Missed Calls” I thought the same thing: “That’s a story.”

It was the first big video we did. We shot it in LA, we had a process trailer to get good driving shots, we had police officers shutting down roads. It was a huge production. We shot for three days and I thought and planned everything out perfectly. Then when I started editing, I felt like there was this huge chunk of the story missing, which I hadn’t really thought about. We kind of glossed over why things went bad between the two of them, other than the fact that the audience understands that it’s Mac Miller, and Mac Miller may have certain demands put upon him that other people don’t have. I had to reshoot a little bit, and I put in some footage of him touring and emphasizing the actress being on her own. This comes back to the idea that you sometimes have to rethink what you thought you had thought out originally on paper.

I’m very proud of much of my work, but this is the one video that people were hitting me up about, saying, “I’m really glad you made that video.” It speaks to me in a way that very few music videos do. To this day, I still get emails and tweets about it. It’s cool that it resonated with people in such a powerful way.

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