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Mac Miller, “Nikes On My Feet”

I’ve been present in a lot of moments in Mac’s life that I think were really transformative. We had done “Live Free,” which was from his miixtape The High Life, and I just remember he had just gotten back from his first trip from LA. I could tell it had changed him, in a great way. His whole world had been opened up. He was out there hanging with Darrelle Revis, he had gotten a tattoo, and he recorded “Nikes On My Feet.” I remember hearing it and being like, “This is gonna explode.”

One cool thing about this video is that scene of him skipping school to get in the car with Q and TreeJay was shot as he was actually skipping school to get in the car with Q and TreeJay.  I loved that we were shooting a scene that actually depicted what was going on, but there was something about being a slightly irresponsible 28-year-old who’s assisting this kid in missing school to do a video shoot.

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