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Mac Miller, “Watching Movies”

Mac and I were sitting in a room in his house, around the time “Watching Movies” had gotten over a million listens in three weeks. We were like, people are obviously digging this song. We had to do something to bring it to life. With Mac and I, either I’ll have an idea and he’ll be like, “I dig that, let’s do it,” or sometimes he’ll be like, “I’m picturing this,” and it’ll be my job to expand on that. This time, he felt like this needed to be shot in a church.

This song is not a light song. I knew we had to double down on manipulating the church imagery and do something really dark. Instead of shooting in a church, which we didn’t think would fly with anyone who actually owns churches, we built this set and we got a bunch of great extras. I was thinking about how to connect it to this idea of watching movies and the TV imagery we wove through some of the videos. I remembered this Marilyn Manson video from the late ‘90s, where there was an amazing image of him walking through a crowd, where he’s shouldering a cross made of televisions. Borrowing is the best form of flattery, so we pulled from that video and built our own cross made of TVs, had all these wires coming out of it, and made it this really vibrant, living thing.

I feel like this video, energy-wise, brings the song to life in the most accurate, visual way. It’s mean, dirty, and scary. I remember finishing it and being like, “That’s a music video.”

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