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XV, “U.F.C.”

Twitter’s a crazy, weird place. A lot of times, when artists want something quick to put out for people, they’ll turn to social media. XV tweeted that he needed a dope video director, and a lot of people tweeted my name at him. We ended up linking, I flew to Chicago, where we kind of just ran around and shot stuff. What was cool about it was that there was no budget and no concept, other than him wanting to recreate the opening scene from Dark Knight with the Joker face. And yet, when I presented the video to Warner Bros., it was like as if I had reinvented the wheel. I really hadn’t but the video had energy and it was really punchy and poppy. It’s funny how you can have videos where you plan out crazy, complex treatments, but sometimes, if the song hits, it’s better do just shoot something very simple.

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