Roam Mars From Your Smartphone With “Mars Trek”

NASA just dropped “Mars Trek,” a web-based portal for exploring Mars, and the sexiest sounding procrastination tool ever. (“Can’t talk now, exploring Mars, bye.”)

Mars Trek is basically like Google Earth, but with less human blight. Actually, compared to Earth, Mars seems a bit featureless at first—the 2D view is basically a wall of red dirt.

When you zoom in though it gets more fun, with massive craters and weird ridges, many of which have been named by the space-geography nerds at NASA (like “Tempe Terra,” which sounds like it was named after a rapper, and “Nilokerus Scopulus,” which is excellent inspiration for a new gamer handle, if you ask me).

I did not find life on Mars, but I did waste approximately 8.5 minutes, which in Friday minutes is actually worth double.

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