Marshall is Bringing Us A Smartphone for Music Lovers

Without warning, guitar amp and headphone company Marshall debuted its first smartphone, the London, that’s specifically geared toward music junkies.

The phone features two front-facing speakers for XL volume potential, a dedicated processor for HQ audio, a pair of headphone jacks, and a top-mounted button that takes you straight to your music collection. It also comes equipped with a five-band global equalizer and an embedded scroll wheel for easy volume adjustment when the device is tucked in your pocket.

For music makers, the London also comes suited with a built-in microphone for laying down spur of the moment rhymes or riffs, a pre-installed DJ app, and a handful of other features that take inspiration from the brand’s top-of-the-line amplifiers.

Still, with a 4.7 inch, 720 px display and 2 GB of RAM it’s propped at the lower end of the smartphone spectrum.

Marshall has given little details about release dates and prices, but you can be notified of those details via email here.

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