Martian Smart Watches

Could Martian’s new line of voice command watches be viable competitors for the Apple Watch? Maybe, especially considering the world is still waiting on the Apple Watch’s official launch.

Martians tout the ability to seamlessly interact with smart phones using notifications and voice commands while looking sleek at the same time.

The face displays caller ID, texts, emails, and social media alerts, giving users the ability to answer phone calls, respond to texts, listen to messages, and initiate hundreds of voice commands. Two extra perks: the watch can act as a camera remote for perfect selfies and it can be used locate your phone if it’s ever misplaced.

Keep an eye out for their newest line, set to launch in 2015 as part of a collaboration with Guess. Of the new line, Martian has said that they’re not “trying to mimic the smartphone,” perhaps taking a bit of a jab at their biggest competitor.

Martin Voice Command watches start at $299 and can be customized with various bands.

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