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Digging Through the Greats: Matt Miggz

I’m from Westchester, NY, but right now I live in Manhattan. I guess I’m a photographer.

Around 2008, I was on Sole Collector, buying and selling shoes. I wanted to make mine look as clean as possible, so I got interested in lighting. There was actually a whole photography thread on there, which was cool because my high school didn’t offer any photography classes. So I was always posting and getting feedback, which helped me develop my own style.

I’ve been getting out onto the streets more, taking photos of the city and more natural landscapes, but I love shooting concerts. I’m really into music, so it’s very exciting that I get to intertwine that world with photography. One time I got to be behind the scenes of a Joey Bada$$ music video, which was one of my first times ever working with [his team]. It was cool to have full access to that world and see that process. The video never even came out, which I think is even cooler.

Don’t worry about overnight success. Organic growth is much more important. Getting photo credit and likes on Instagram is a good luck and all, but that’s not everything.

You need to find a way to make yourself different. Everyone is a photographer nowadays, which is both a beautiful thing and an awful thing. It’s important to try a bunch of different techniques and test different subjects. You need to have a brand but it’s also necessary to separate yourself from everyone else.

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