Matt Senna x Wish “Higher Learning: Study 001” Exhibition

On Friday, May 1, Atlanta Boutique Wish will be taking a look at the cultural significance of the Air Jordan. Higher Learning: Study 001 will continue a dialogue sparked by Los Angeles conceptual artist and designer Matt Senna and is curated by fashion influencer Renaldo Nehemiah. The exhibition will present Senna’s complete series to date and will be the first official unveiling of the gold Air Jordan 1.

The Higher Learning series, which Senna began in 2014, turns some of the most coveted Air Jordan signature sneakers into art objects. When transformed into golden and bronze effigies, Senna acknowledges each model’s overall game-changing design and also forces the viewer to no longer look at them as just sneakers.

Each sneaker in the exhibition represents a significant moment in Michael Jordan’s professional career. For example, the Air Jordan 4 marks the beginning of the Jordan dynasty in Chicago; the Air Jordan 6 was the sneaker he wore while winning his first of six championships; the Air Jordan 11 was the shoe Jordan wore in the movie Space Jam, as well as when he returned to basketball following his first retirement. Higher Learning also highlights the Air Jordan 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13, each just as innovative in design.

The Gold Air Jordan 1 may look familiar to some, and that’s because a few months ago, a pair was gifted to the Chicago rapper Common. Prior to winning an Oscar, he previewed one of the sneakers via his Instagram account. Back when he was known as just Lonnie Lynn, Common was a ball boy for the Jordan-era Bulls and was given a pair of Air Jordan 1s by Jordan himself. He cherished the pair and they have since become a family heirloom. Narratives like this further play into Senna's interpretation of the Air Jordan being more than just a shoe.

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Images: Wish Atlanta

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