Matt Trumino documents graffiti by taking down graffiti

Matt Trumino is one of the original founders of Animal New York, a website which describes itself as “a daily mix of art, news, culture, politics, and opinion-straight from the gut of New York.” A big part of that mix is graffiti and Trumino is a longtime collector of graffiti stickers. Armed with little more than a backpack and his jacket, Trumino roams the city and peels off graffiti stickers wherever he finds them, stashing them into his bag until it’s full and pasting others inside of his coat. Trumino then reassembles the stickers in posters and other art pieces, including scrapbooks. He doesn’t concern himself with the big commissioned graffiti murals like the one on the corner of Houston and Bowery. Instead, Trumino focuses his attention on the graf writers whose entire reason for being is getting up. Graffiti writers aren’t too keen on having their stickers taken down, but Trumino dismisses any criticism of his practice. His logic is that his projects provide more publicity than the graffiti artists would get on their own. Of course, that is partly true because Trumino is pulling down the other graffiti writers’ work and preventing from getting publicity on their own. But, hey, the guy sounds confident when he talks.

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