The Spot: Maximum Hesh, Boston, Stands Strong Behind Local Brands

Todd Brugman is as passionate, opinionated, and loyal as any other Boston sports fan but you won't find him hawking football helmets or hockey sticks. Brugman, owner of Maximum Hesh in Somerville, Mass., is a skateboarder, one that flips the insular-townie script from all those Wahlberg movies and welcomes diversity and growth within his local scene.

"I'm a firm believer that skateboarding is an art and there is no proper size and shape skateboard," Brugman says. "People of all ages come here and really want to support the shop and that makes me think I'm doing something right."

The shop itself is tiny, with barely a square inch devoted to non-skate-related stock. The walls are adorned with riffs on classic skate motifs (Rat Fink, raging skeletons) but are mostly covered in decks; display cases overflow with trucks and wheels and wax.

Brugman stands behind all the products he sells: you won't find a single deck fashioned from questionable Chinese plywood here, and his energy level doubles when he starts talking about his hometown skate companies, from the cool, clean lines and classic East Coast demeanor of Corner Store Skate Company, to the ledge-ready All I Need brand from East Coast pro Anthony Shetler, to the avant-weirdness of Fancy Lad and their deconstructionist skate videos, Brugman is a huge advocate of Boston skateboarding.

"Skateboarding can get put into boxes ... but nobody is doing it wrong, they're just doing it differently," says Brugman. "They are all doing great things for skateboarding and they are all painting with a different brush."


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