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Sean “MesaSean” McKenna, One of Destiny: The Taken King’s Top Players, Gives His Best Tips

Back in 2014, Bungie’s multiplayer blockbuster Destiny had the most successful new video game launch ever. Since then, it’s hosted the fastest-growing community of gamers for a new franchise ever, with over 25 million players joining the MMORPG. Numbers don’t lie.

The latest expansion pack, dubbed The Taken King, has only influenced more FPS fanatics to join the community by addressing past issues with awesome gameplay upgrades and great multiplayer. But if you’re just starting the intergalactic journey or simply looking to advanced your skills, know that tough challenges await you. It’s cool.

Green Label hooked up with one of Destiny’s top players, Sean “MesaSean” McKenna, to level you up from newbie to pro player in no time and master the latest Destiny expansion. Become Legend!

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Image: Activision

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