Garfield x Metallica = “Hetfield”

Some people have a love for Garfield that’s equitable to the fervor of Metallica‘s most devout fans. If you just so happen to fall into both of those segments then the Tumblr-based comic strip “Hetfield” is all that you’ve been waiting for.

Hetfield comes courtesy of musician and illustrator “Jimmy Two Hands.” The main character shares the same Garfield values, like a pining for pasta, lasagna, and mistreating Odie, but he now speaks in a tongue tinged by Metallica lyrics.

Not only is the dialogue influenced by Metallica, but some of the characters bear an uncanny resemblance to members of the band. “Hetfield” has a blond beard, the follicle features of guitarist Kirk Hammet can be seen on Odie, and Jon Arbuckle pretty much looks like the cartoon version of Lars Ulrich. The strip also sticks to the Metallica aesthetic with jabs at KISS and even jokes about Napster.

Head over to the Hetfield tumblr page to check out more strips from the series.

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