Metallica Puts Out New Tape. Literally.

The last time Metallica was uber relevant it took 20 minutes to download an MP3, and their drummer, Lars Ulrich, didn’t want us to download any MP3s at all. Of course I’m talking about Metallica’s crusade against Napster, the OG peer-to-peer music sharing site founded by Shawn Fanning. I’ll never forget when Fanning pulled the ultimate troll on Lars, coming on stage to Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” at the Video Music Awards while wearing a Metallica shirt. Waging war with Napster will forever be Metallica’s legacy for someone born in the ’90s, despite all of the legendary, head-banging music they put out.

Metallica is still taking steps backwards in regards to technology, but this time it’s in order to stay hip. The band has announced that they’re releasing their 1982 demo tape, No Life ’Til Leather, as a limited edition cassette on April 18, which is also Record Store Day. The tape will be released on Metallica’s Black Recordings Label, and has been remastered to demonstrate, “the same innocence and, I guess, borderline ignorance, of four kids barely out of puberty, rockin’ along, doing their thing,” said Ulrich in an interview with Rolling Stone.

This re-release is the first of many for Metallica. “It’s time for us to put out some next-level reissues and do the song and dance of the catalog that everyone else has done; the U2’s and the Led Zeppelins and the Oasises,” said Ulrich.

The No Life ’Til Leather cassette release will be exciting for die hard Metallica fans, especially considering this will be the first time any of the band’s demo tapes will get an official release. Metal heads rejoice, head-bang, and purchase all of your music like it’s 1994.

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