SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team) at X Contemporary in Miami

While down in Miami for Art Week we took some time to check out SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team), a new program helmed by SoBe and the PepsiCo Creator team. The art initiative provided a platform for five artists that embody the "Ride the Wild" spirit of SoBe to exhibit work at the X-Contemporary art fair.

SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team) empowered these creators by providing them with the resources, tools, production space, and an opportunity to showcase their talents during Art Basel Miami 2015. With everything supplied, the artists created a number of original works including paintings, photographs, performance pieces, and more. The artists involved included muralist Chase, photographer Jora Frantzis, Vine Video personality Elton Castee, photographer Melly Lee, and illustrator Nick Sawyers.

The work exhibited by this diverse collective of artists ranged from Melly Lee's serene landscape photography, to the surreal illustrations of Nick Sawyers, to the extreme man vs. medium performance visual pieces on display courtesy of Elton Castee.

The fresh take on the artist-in-residency model developed by SoBe and the PepsiCo Creator team is a promising example of a way that corporations can provide an organic means of bolstering the artistic community. In addition to providing artists with a means of bringing concepts to fruition, SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team) can also bring their work to a national and sometimes international stage.

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