Ray Mate’ Talks About The Mighty Healthy Fall 2013 Collection

Mighty Healthy’s Fall collection was introduced with a new and improved website. Chris Colbourn, Connor Champion and Pete Eldridge, who ride for Mighty Healthy, and one of my old buddies and OG skateboarder Alex Corporan helped out as models for our lookbook. We shot all of the photos with photographer Matt McGinley, who has done shoots with Converse, Trinidad James, and Raekwon, and does a lot of great portraits. Matt has a great eye for detail, which I found out after my buddy Sean Kelling suggested we check out his work. We talked about what we wanted to do as far as locations, shots, and the new website, and planned out a two-day photo shoot.

Mightyhealthy.com showcases what the brand is about. Besides being a skate lifestyle company—I hate saying that, by the way, because you should already know—we wanted to give you a feel of how the brand has progressed over nine years. Mighty Healthy started in 2004 and next year is going to be our 10th anniversary. We needed to slowly get ready to celebrate the brand, so upgrading the website was a must.

Mighty Healthy has been a big part of my life and I am proud to say we are still here. I think more than a handful of people counted us out, but the party isn’t over. It has just begun.

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