Your Complete Guide to Every Migos Ad-Lib on “Yung Rich Nation”

Who has the best ad-libs in hip-hop right now? Young Thug’s eccentric tongue rolls, Juicy J’s “We trippy mane!”s and Rick Ross’s grunts have all become signature additions to these rappers’ respective sonic profiles. Then there are ad-lib aficionados Migos’s extemporaneous contributions. The “skirt skirt” era is among us, and the Migos are at the vanguard.

If you needed proof, the good people over at Couchface quantified said Migos ad-libs, using a number of metrics and pie charts, on Yung Rich Nation. In this comprehensive analysis, these rap researchers outlined their careful methods of data collection, the number of ad-libs and their variations, and the methods of distribution throughout the project.

They concluded that Migos dropped a whopping 743 ad-libs over 200+ styles (including “Uh,” “Ooh,” and “Woo”), though only 339 were used more than once. This study clearly required some sophisticated investigation, so go show Couchface some love for their dedicated probing.

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