Mike Sutfin

Hessian Henchman

“The Hessian Henchman waits patiently at the summit of the sacred mountain, blasting heavy metal in the moonlight while carving oak with sharp steel. At dawn, a mysterious mist forms, and the Hessian captures the lime green potion. Drink it and feel the might of a thousand wolves.”

Mike Sutfin (Emeryville, CA)

With roots in music, skateboarding and fantasy, Sutfin paints what he loves. In ‘96, he began a career in gaming, working on Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft. By ‘01 he had created illustrations for Star Wars and Dark Horse comics. After moving to California, Sutfin created graphics for skate brands like DC and Foundation. He is known for his precise attention to detail, dynamic compositions, veggie fajitas recipe and an iron-fisted work ethic. MIKESUTFIN.COM

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