Skate Dreams, Episode 3: Mikey Haywood Pours His Heart Out

For Skate Dreams Episode 3, DEW team skater and LBC’s proud son Theotis Beasley continues the hunt to fill the one open spot on the team.

Fellow team skater Boo Johnson’s pick is Mikey Haywood, recognizing his hustle and presence in the sport. With a dedicated film crew, and skate photographer Atiba Jefferson, in tow, the pressure is on Mikey to land tricks and look smooth while doing it.

Facing the heat, Mikey works to keep a step ahead of the competition but is faced with more than one challenge: aside from his competitors, he has to watch out for cracks and uneven runways on an otherwise perfect lane and rail, as well as kids in the park and authorities always looking to close off things. Mikey keeps his cool while under pressure, betraying his true passion for the sport.

In the closing set, Mikey sets out to conquer one last rail while a white municipal car grants him only 10 minutes more. Succeeding on a photo-op and landing the trick, Mikey makes a promising case for why he deserves the opening spot. Recruiter Boo Johnson shakes and twists open a celebratory bottle of Mountain Dew to close the occasion.

The next episode will announce the winner of the coveted spot on the DEW skate team. Look for these kids to set pour their hearts out and more in their attempt to get it.

Watch Skate Dreams Episode 2, featuring Paul Hart on Green Label.

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