You Can Hold the UO Smart Beam Laser Mini Projector in the Palm of Your Hand

A mini projector can be a pretty sound investment in summer. Warm weather allows for rooftop screenings, you may not want to be cooped up indoors while catching up on your favorite series, and those boxes from Pizza Hut are only available outside of the United States. Finding the perfect means to satisfy your portable viewing pleasures might be tough to find, but UO Beam has a product that might pique your interest.

The UO Smart Beam Laser Projector boasts an image with 720p HD capability, that will always be as bright and sharp as you’ll need it to be. To boot, you can also use the built-in speaker or hook it up to another audio device for sound quality to match the visual experience. Most larger projectors also require you to manually focus an image, depending on where your screen might be, but the Smart beam laser Projector is focus free.

In addition to the visual benefits, you can connect the projector using a built-in HDMI port or even wirelessly to just about any smart phone, tablet, PC, or mobile device.

It may sound like the Smart Beam Laser Projector requires some heavy lifting, but at 2.2 inches it’s barely the size of the screen on your phone and is made to offer the most a projector can offer without being cumbersome.

Head over to the UO Beam website to check out the full specs and find out how you can get one.

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