Mini Shred Madness At Killington

We're always looking for what's new and next and since it's snowboard season we wanted to check out some grom shredders. So we decided to head up to Killington for the Mini Shred Madness competition that features skiers and riders, 13 years and under showing their skills in the park. Our friends at Lexus hooked us up with an RX 350 to make the trek from NYC to VT to check out Mini Shred Madness. Get a look at the video recap from the competition and a interview with 3rd place snowboard winner in the 11 year-old bracket, Eli McDermott.

What’s your name, where are you from, and how old are you?
I’m Eli McDermott, I’m from Wells, VT, and I’m 11-years-old.

Do you usually snowboard here at Killington?
Yeah, my dad works here so I come up here every weekend. I haven’t really been anywhere else. I’ve only snowboarded here before.

How long have you been snowboarding?
I’ve been snowboarding for three or four years.

What do you like about snowboarding?
I just like being at the mountain and in the pow and stuff. That’s what I like.

How did you first start snowboarding?
My dad first got me into it. He skis, but he thought it would be more natural for me to snowboard.

Who are some of your favorite snowboarders?
I don’t really look up to anybody who is professional. I look up to my brother, but he’s a skier, and I also look up to my friend Aaron.

What place did you get today?
I got third place. It feels good. This is my first competition, so I’m going to do more since I like it.

Do you think you’ll be snowboarding for the rest of your life?
Yeah, I think I will. I hope I will.

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