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Moon Selfies and Postcards From Mars With Julien Mauve: Digging Through The Greats

I'm a dreamer. I like fog, rain, and dark atmospheres. Before going somewhere, I read a lot about the stories that surround the place, just to create a mental image and to fantasize about it. I have to admit, I'm often disappointed. But discovering wild, new lands is really an adventure. When you think about it, we've made such huge progress in a lot of domains, but the main questions are still the same: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Maybe we'll find some clues on Mars, who knows?

On the Greeting From Mars project, I'm telling the story of this couple experiencing Mars as tourists for the first time and sharing their experience with the world. They include themselves in front of those landscapes and affirm their presence but the funny thing is that we don't see their faces. It could be anyone in those suits and, in fact, it goes against the original purpose of taking a selfie.

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