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Gimme the Loot: Remembering the Most Addictive Candy You Ate as a Kid

It’s hard to resist when your sweet tooth is calling, especially back in the day when the corner store was a daily routine for your regular bag of goodies. One dollar could get you two overflowing handfuls of the best candies on the shelf. We’re talking tangy Laffy Taffys, tart Lemonheads, chewy Now and Laters, and booming Bazooka bubble gum. Just thinking about those days makes us want to gather up some nickels and see how many of these treats we can fit in our pockets.

If you feel the same way we do, take a minute to reflect on some of the sweetest addictions we all were craving during the days of Fisher Price and Pokémon cards. See how many of these you can remember from back in the day even though we’re pretty sure you guys have been snacking on a few of these within the past few weeks.

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