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The Most Memorable Soundtrack Singles of All Time

One of the great things we love about going to the movies is rocking to the tunes that drive our favorite films. In fact, some movies are so synonymous with their soundtracks that it’s impossible to think about certain scenes without hearing the song that plays in the background. How can you not think of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” every time The Breakfast Club comes to mind? Simply put, the best movies in cinematic history — the ones that define the era of classic cinema — all wouldn’t be complete without that one song that really brings the project to life.

Even B-Rabbit and Rocky Balboa would agree that these 10 songs are some of the most memorable soundtrack singles in the history of music and film. Whether the song defined the film, or even surpassed it, we’re sure you guys know the words to majority of these classic songs where Hitsville and Hollywood collided in the best way possible.

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