Mountain Dew and Rastaclat Come Together for a New Collection

Inspiration is only a single leaf on a tree, and originality relies on us picking from different leaves. This is exactly what the new Mountain Dew x Rastaclat collection is all about: two brands bound together by an uncompromising sense of individuality, self-thought, and the practice of one’s own craft.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Rastaclat’s accessories have been worn by Kendrick Lamar, Clint Dempsey, and Dew’s own team rider Paul Rodriguez.

Keeping up with the greats, the brand’s latest offering includes two exclusive colorways of everyone’s favorite braided shoelace bracelet, called “Dew Mountains” and “Dew Stripe,” and a bucket hat in black-and-grey with green accents (dubbed “Dew Elevation”).

This collaboration was inspired by the Green Label philosophy of embracing those that choose to do things their way, regardless of what is considered the norm. And in the video above, Justin Schulte explains why. #DewYou

The collection is available now at Zumiez and

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